• O. Kruzhilko Public Agency "National Scientific and Research Institute of Industrial Safety and Occupational Safety and Health", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • N. Volodchenkova Technical University "Metinvest Polytechnic", Mariupol’, Ukraine
  • I. Tkalych Public Agency "National Scientific and Research Institute of Industrial Safety and Occupational Safety and Health", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • H. Demchuk National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute of the Name of Igor Sikorskiy", Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: labor protection, professional risk, information system, planning.


The article presents the results of the analysis of the current state of information support of the labor protection management system in the aspect of transition to the introduction of risk-oriented approach. It is noted that the system of labor protection management, which was formed in accordance with the command-administrative principles of the planned economy, in today's conditions was not effective enough, so it needs to improve its information support. One of the shortcomings of the existing information support of labor protection management can be considered unresolved issues of integration of various information systems (IS) in the field of labor protection, designed to solve management problems, which does not allow to form generalized information bases, to conduct analytical data processing. Assessment of occupational risks requires systematic monitoring of enterprise performance indicators, provides for forecasting the dynamics of changes in these indicators, as well as taking into account other factors that potentially affect occupational risks. To automate the process of collecting and analyzing initial data, modeling and calculating the forecast of occupational risk, it is proposed to create a specialized monitoring information system. Given the need for significant financial costs for the implementation of this project, other approaches to improving information support are the gradual creation of separate subsystems of the monitoring system. The main directions of improvement of information support of occupational risk management are formed, in particular modernization of information systems at the state level and enterprise level is offered. The statistics accumulated during the operation of these systems can be used as initial data for occupational risk assessment and further development of sound preventive measures.


Pro skhvalennia Kontseptsii reformuvannia systemy upravlinnia okhoronoiu pratsi v Ukraini ta zatverdzhennia planu zakhodiv shchodo yii realizatsii : Rozporiadzhennia Kabinetu Ministriv Ukrainy vid 12.12.2018 r. № 989-r. URL : (data zvernennia: 03.09.2021).

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Kruzhilko, O., Volodchenkova, N., Tkalych, I., & Demchuk, H. (2021). METHODICAL APPROACHES TO IMPROVING THE INFORMATION PROVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT. Labour Protection Problems in Ukraine, 37(4), 3-7.