Keywords: labour protection, dangerous energy, productive risk


Creating healthy and safe working conditions is the main task of the employer when performing high-risk work. Practice shows that the cause of accidents during the repair and maintenance of equipment are uncoordinated and erroneous actions of staff, resulting in incorrect supply of hazardous energy to the installation where people work. In order to prevent injuries at metallurgical enterprises there is a need to revise and modernize the existing approach to control the supply of hazardous energy during repairs, improve the current labeling system of access to repairs of technological equipment based on the experience of advanced world technologies. Audit). The BMP system is used to perform maintenance and repair of equipment, as well as any other cases where personnel need to enter the danger zone, and includes not only the actual process of blocking and marking, but also all other activities: documentation, organization of storage and issuance of BMP devices, training and testing of personnel knowledge According to the analysis, the current tag system at the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine is inferior in efficiency to the BMP system, which allows you to almost completely eliminate the risks associated with the human factor in the repair and maintenance of equipment. The foreign experience of using hazardous energy blocking and labeling systems and the existing legal framework on this issue in Ukraine are analyzed. According to the results of research, the basic principles of using the BMP system at the enterprises of the metallurgical industry are established. The sequence of BMP procedure implementation is offered. The information on the basis of which the BMP map is formed is considered in detail. An important stage in the formation of this map is the assessment of industrial risks of exposure to hazardous energies in the process of repair and maintenance of equipment. The direction of further research on the implementation of the BMP system and the legalization of the BMP standard at the state level is substantiated.


Pro skhvalennya Koncepcії reformuvannya sistemi upravlіnnya ohoronoyu pracі v Ukraїnі ta zatverdzhennya planu zahodіv shchodo її realіzacії. Rozporyadzhennya Kabіnetu Mіnіstrіv Ukraїni vіd 12 grudnya 2018 r. № 989-r.

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Maistrenko, V., Volodchenkova, N., & Tokar, O. (2021). USE OF THE BMP SYSTEM FOR BLOCKING OF DANGEROUS ENERGIES DURING REALIZATION OF WORKS FROM REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF TECHNIQUE. Labour Protection Problems in Ukraine, 37(4), 19-24.