• N. Romanenko National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: accidents, food industry, hazardous factors, prevention of injuries.


According to official statistics, the food industry is characterized by high rates of injury. An important role in preventing occupational injuries is played by the analysis of the causes and circumstances of accidents and, first of all, the bringing of its results to all structural units and employees. The purpose of the article is research and evaluation of industrial hazards during the operation of food industry equipment, scientific substantiation of priority directions of the prevention of traumatism at food enterprises. On the basis of the data of the special investigation of accidents at the Ukrainian industry, an injury analysis was conducted at food industry enterprises. Identified hazardous factors in the operation of food industry equipment. It has been determined that more than a third of injured people were injured when using cars. The second position is accidents related to technological equipment for the food, meat, dairy and fish industry. The main types of events that resulted in injuries include traffic accidents, including traffic accidents on public roads (roads) and on the territory of the enterprise, the effect of moving objects, flying, turning and falling of the victim. The state of professional training in the field of occupational safety of the victims was investigated. Distribution of accidents on causes of occurrence taking into account types of productions has been carried out. It was found that the most traumatic are the production of dairy products and the production of bread, bakery and flour products. The areas of injury in both types of production are: violations of traffic safety rules, violations of labor and production discipline, including non-fulfillment of official duties, requirements of instructions for occupational safety, unsatisfactory technical condition of industrial objects, buildings, structures of engineering communications, territories, means production, vehicles. In order to prevent injuries among food industry workers it is expedient: to provide the proper technical condition of production equipment; to strengthen control over the observance of the requirements of the technological process, the rules of labor protection in the performance of work of increased danger; to ensure the availability of modern means of individual and collective protection and to strengthen control over their use; to implement effective methods of teaching safe working methods.


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