Keywords: occupational safety consulting, monitoring, information system, occupational risk


The article identifies the need to improve the information support of occupational safety consulting by creating a monitoring system. This is due to changes in the regulatory framework of labor protection, as well as changes in the structure of State Labour Service of Ukraine. The development of a monitoring system is due to the need for comprehensive modernization of information and analytical support in the field of labor protection. The lack of a subsystem of analytical data processing complicates the implementation of queries and prevents effective multicriteria information retrieval in databases, creating integrated reports, complicates or prevents the use of mathematical modeling techniques to predict occupational safety and occupational risk assessment. The basic principles on which the system of state monitoring of labor protection should be based are determined (the principle of purposefulness, the principle of planning, the scientific principle, the principle of objectivity, etc.). The main functions of the monitoring system for information support of occupational safety consulting are: accounting and analysis of indicators of labor protection; labor protection planning; organization and control of work on the implementation of labor protection measures; evaluation of the results of the planned activities. The implementation of the proposed principles and approaches to the development of a monitoring system becomes possible in the active development of information technology, as a result of which computer and communication technology and software have become widespread in all industrial and scientific fields. For the functioning of the monitoring system it is necessary to develop a set of methods, techniques and algorithms that establish the procedure for collecting, processing, analyzing and using data in the process of management activities in the field of labor protection. The use of the results of the monitoring system will increase the level of awareness of managers and specialists who carry out management in the field of labor protection, as well as ensure the scientific validity of management decisions.


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