Keywords: ecology, coke production, risk management, risk assessment, risk, emissions, air


The article is devoted to the problem of assessment and management of environmental risks in the context of the formation of ecological and economic system of coke production. The technological process at the coke plant is due to significant environmental pollution due to man-made load, which poses a serious danger to the environment. Therefore, the study of the impact of coke production on the natural environment in Ukraine is important and relevant. In order to ensure constant control, increase the efficiency of enterprises, meet the requirements of stakeholders, respond quickly to violations, reduce the negative impact on the environment, the proposed procedure for identifying environmental aspects and assessing their impact. Criteria of significance and principles of assessment of ecological aspects are established. These principles are the basis of risk management. They establish the characteristics of effective and efficient risk management, reflect its values and explain its purpose. Therefore, these principles must be taken into account when creating the structure and process of risk management of production. Adherence to these principles will allow production to manage the impact of uncertainty about achieving its goals. The objectives of risk management and opportunities of environmental management system processes are also defined, the objectives of risk management are identified and the criteria of identification and assessment of risks and opportunities are proposed. The procedure for assessing environmental risks, which is based on quantitative calculations, is considered. Based on the developed procedure, a register of environmental aspects of the coke plant has been developed. Assessment of the impact of the metallurgical industry on the environmental situation in Ukraine is a promising area of further research to optimize the level of environmental safety of metallurgical enterprises.


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