General information

The scientific papers collection "Protection Problems in Ukraine" has been published since 1998 by Public Agency "National Scientific and Research Institute of Industrial Safety and Occupational Safety and Health". It has the status of a domestic scientific technical journal (Series KB No. 16352-4824P of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of 01.21.2010). The collection is designed for a wide range of readers (scientists, specialists) in the field of labour protection and industrial safety. Web resource address of the collection on the Internet:

Editor-in-Chief: D.Sc. Senior Researcher Kruzhilko O.E.

Associate Editor-in-Chief: Viola Vambol, DSc (Technical), Full Professor (Ukraine)

All articles that are printed in the collection are reviewed by leading specialists of the relevant industries, as well as scientific, general and technical editing by the editorial staff.

Scientific articles are published in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Published 4 times a year.

The journal is indexed by Google Scholar; "Scientific periodicals of Ukraine" in the National Library. V.I. Vernadsky. The publication is included by the International Centre for Periodicals (ISSN International Centre, Paris, France) in the international register of periodical media with a numerical identification code: ISSN 2664-4304; eISSN 2664-4312.